Robert Currie, BA ’80

Director of Education, Regina Catholic School Division

2010 Honouree

Robert Currie began his teaching career in 1985 with Regina Catholic Schools. After seven years in the classroom, Mr. Currie was appointed acting principal of St. Matthew School. He went on to become vice-principal of St. Dominic School, and then principal of St. Catherine Community School, École St. Mary, and Sacred Heart Community School. In 2006, Mr. Currie was appointed supervisor, school operations, and, in 2008, was appointed as director of education for the Regina Catholic School Division. Throughout his career, Mr. Currie has proven to be a man of integrity and vision, and has been innovative in his approach to finding new and meaningful ways to enhance student education.

Mr. Currie has a personal commitment to be involved in activities that enhance the personal well-being and growth of people of all ages. This is evident in his volunteer work within St. Martin’s Parish, as a director of the One Life Makes a Difference Foundation, for the 2005 Canada Summer Games Management and Legacy Committees, and, over the last 30 years, as coach and executive member for the Regina Rowing Club and the Saskatchewan Rowing Association.