Blair Stonechild, PhD, HS ’69

 Professor, First Nations University of Canada

2012 Honouree

An internationally recognized researcher in the fields of Indigenous Studies and Indigenous post-secondary education, Dr. Stonechild’s work on land claims and higher education for First Nations has created many opportunities and led to greater awareness of these very important issues. His book The New Buffalo: The Struggle for Post-Secondary Education (University of Manitoba Press, 2006) is considered one of the leading texts in the field.

A Professor at First Nations University of Canada, Dr. Stonechild is well known for his caring and supportive work with students, and for his wisdom and compassion in the support of First Nations communities. Dr. Stonechild is highly respected for his scholarly achievements, commitment to his students, leadership in service, and quiet integrity.

Throughout his career at the First Nations University of Canada, Dr. Stonechild has served in numerous leadership roles including Dean of Academics, Executive Director of Planning and Development, and Professor and Department Head in the Department of Indigenous Studies.