Philosophy Cafe!

Please join the Department of Philosophy and Classics and the Philosophy Student Society for our next installment of Philosophy Cafe!

Thursday, February 1 at 7:00pm
Campion College 104 and on Zoom:

Masks are highly encouraged and will be available for those who want them.

Philosophy Cafe is a public event with a discussion led by a member of the Department. Anna Mudde will provide the theme of our discussion (outlined below).

Living Colonial Post-Truth
In Canada, colonization is active and continues in the present. The very notion that the colonial age is over, that what is currently called Canada is, conceptually, politically, and geographically “settled,” is an alt-truth made by bringing a hoped-for future into the present and holding it there by collective mental will. This is a way of taking oneself and one’s community to be “post” what is true. In this talk, I connect the alt-truths of colonial knowledge — specifically, the idea that colonization is over and that Canada and other settler states have histories that are “settled” — with another important alt-truth: that subjectivity is free in the unencumbered sense, and that responsibility is a matter of personal decision. To ground a discussion, I’ll suggest ways in which these alt-truths often emerge specifically in philosophy classrooms.

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