Rose Mary Hartney, BA ’71

Educator, Community Volunteer

2010 Honouree

Rose Mary Hartney has played an instrumental role in building community and developing young minds as a teacher and vice-principal at Vanier Collegiate in Moose Jaw, where she worked for 38 years before retiring. From offering 7:30 am classes to accommodate student schedules, to sitting on the executive of the athletic association, Ms. Hartney’s dedication to her students and school community goes far beyond her professional obligations. Ms. Hartney has taken a very active role in the overall development of her students, having served on various committees and volunteering for a number of activities within the school community.

Ms. Hartney has also made significant contributions to the Moose Jaw community. She serves as an educational advisor for the Moose Jaw Warriors, is an active participant at Church of Our Lady parish, is the chair of the Providence Place Foundation, and secretary for Moose Jaw Crime Stoppers.