Dr. Mamata Pandey

Sessional Member, Psychology
BA Hons (MS University), MA (MS University), MA (UofR), PhD (UofR)


Short Bio

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Representative Publications

  • Mamata Pandey, Susanne Nicolay, Megan Clark, Val Desjarlis, Adam Clay, Stuart Skinner. (2020). Wellness Wheel Mobile Outreach Clinic: A community led Care model improving access to care in Indigenous Communities. Annals of Family Medicine. 18(5): 466. http://dx.doi.org/https://doi.org/10.1370/afm.2567
  • Mamata Pandey, Stephanie Konrad, Noreen Reed Vanessa Ahenakew, Patricia Isbister, Tanys Isbister, Lesley Gallagher, Trisha Campbell, Stuart Skinner,. (2020). Liver Health Events: An Indigenous community led model to enhance HCV screening and linkage to care. Health Promotion International. 0: 1-20.
  • Mamata Pandey, Rejina Kamrul, Clara Rocha Michaels, Michelle McCarron. (2020). Perceptions of mental health and utilization of mental health services among new immigrants in Canada: A qualitative study.Community Mental Health Journal. 0(0): 1-15.
  • Yiyan Li, Geoffrey Maina, Mamata Pandey, Jonathan Amoyaw. (2020). Exploring family-based immigrant youth substance use prevention programs: A scoping review protocol. BMJ open. 0(0): 1-3.
  • Mamata Pandey, Rejina Kamrul, Clara Rocha Michaels, Michelle McCarron. (2019). Identifying barriers to healthcare access for new immigrants: A qualitative study in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Journal of Immigrants and Minority Health. 0: 1-21.
  • Mamata Pandey Kieran Johnson, Muhammad Siddiqui. (2019). Anesthetic practice and pattern for total hip and knee replacement in Canada: a 5 year cross-sectional study. Anesthesia, Pain & Intensive Care. 23(3): 301-310.
  • Erin Beresh, Solveig Nilson, Megan Clark, Michelle McCarron, Adam Clay, Val Desjarlais Stuart Skinner, Mamata Pandey. (2019). Wellness Wheel: A community partnered-care model to improve access to care in First Nations Communities in Saskatchewan: Perspectives of care providers. International Journal of Indigenous Health. 0: 1-15.
  • Susan Petryk, Muhammad A Siddiqui, Juliet Ekeh, Mamata Pandey. (2019). Prenatal alcohol history – Setting a threshold fordiagnosis requires a level of detail and accuracy that does not exist. BMC Pediatrics. 19: 1-18.
  • Sarah Lorenz, Jessica Minion, Mamata Pandey & Kumudhini Karunakaran. (2018). Blastomycosis in Southern Saskatchewan 2000-2015: unique presentations and disease characteristics. Medical Mycology. 56(7): 787-795.
  • Elan Plauck, Michelle McCarron, Mamata Pandey, Dorothy Banka. (2017). An innovative service collaboration to reduce criminal recidivism for inmates with severe addictions. Journal of Community Safety & Well-being. 2(2): 66-70.
  • Chris Oriet, Mamata Pandey and Jun-Ichiro Kawahara. (2017). Attention capture without awareness in a non-spatial selection task.Consciousness and Cognition. 48: 117-128.
  • Elan Paluck, Dorothy Banka, Michelle McCarron & Mamata Pandey. (2017). Effectiveness of dedicated  Substance Abuse Treatment Unit in the Regina Correctional Centre: A seven Year Retrospective Analysis. Journal of Community Safety and Well-being. 2(3): 91-100.
  • Janice Victor, Warren Linds, Jo-Ann Episkenew, Linda Goulet, David Benjoe, Dustin Brass, Mamata
    Pandey, Karen Schmidt. (2016). Kiskenimisowin(self-knowledge): Co-researching Wellbeing With Canadian First Nations Youth Through Participatory Visual Methods. International Journal of Indigenous Health. 11(1) http://dx.doi.org/DOI: 10.18357/ijih111201616020