Site Management Help


– In the backend of the site, navigate to the “Portfolio Items” tab on the left side of the screen.- To add a new Staff or Faculty member, DUPLICATE the portfolio item titled “FACULTY TEMPLATE” and edit the duplicate. Do not edit the original.– The new page should be called “FACULTY TEMPLATE copy” and click it to edit.

  • You can also quickly change names, categories, and URLs by hovering your cursor over the item and clicking “Quick Edit”.

– Change the post name to the name of the faculty member as well as the name on the page. Be sure to also change the Permalink to match the name of the faculty member by clicking the “Edit” button below the post name. On the duplicate, the permalink should be “…/name-goes-here-copy” by default.


– To add/change the Excerpt and contact details that appear on the Directory page, scroll down to the bottom of the edit page and edit the “Excerpt” section.

– Do not change or remove the tags (</>) They are there to format the appearance and function of the information.
Just for reference, in case they get changed or removed by accident, here is an explanation of the tags:

  • <sup></sup> – everything between these tags is “superscript”, which makes it appear small. This is used for the Position of the faculty member.
  • <br> – this tag creates a line break. Without it, all the following text would appear on the same line.
  • <a href=”>email</a> – these tags make an email clickable, you need to insert the faculty member’s email twice in order to have this work properly, once after “mailto:” and once between the tags. (The text between the tags is what will be displayed, the text in the quote is the hyperlink.)


– To make the email clickable, highlight the full email and click the “Insert/edit link” button at the top bar (looks like a chain). A tooltip containing something like “” should appear. Click the blue arrow and the email link will be applied.

– To add a website link, highlight the bolded WEBSITE text (don’t replace it) and click the “Insert/edit link” button at the top bar. Paste the link to their website in the tooltip field. Next, click the Gear icon in the tooltip to open the link settings. Check the tickbox that says “Open link in a new tab” (this will prevent the user from being navigated off of the Campion website when the link is clicked.) Click “Add Link”.

– To add a profile picture, scroll down to the “Featured Image” section to the right and click on the current image (Campion logo) to upload or select a new image.

– You can remove any lines or headings not applicable to the staff or faculty member in question.

– You can change the order of the Staff and Faculty listings by clicking “Re-Order” on the left sidebar below Portfolio Items and drag-and-dropping the names to their proper location in the order.

– When you are finished making changes, click the “Faculty” or “Staff” tick box in the Portfolio Categories section to the right to add the page to the Directory.

– Click the “Update” button to the top right and it will be published.

For assistance, contact Carter at Strategy Lab