Dr. Samantha Lawler

Assistant Professor of Astronomy
B.S. Astrophysics (California Institute of Technology), M.A. Astronomy (Wesleyan University), Ph.D. (University of British Columbia)

Phone: 306.359.1217 | Fax: 306.359.1200 | Office: CM 404



Research Interests

  • Exoplanet orbital stability and evolution
  • Formation and orbital evolution of the Kuiper Belt
  • Dynamical interactions between planets and planetesimal disks

Representative Publications

  • “How space exploration became a wake up call on climatechange.” America Magazine, vol. 221.  LINK
  • “OSSOS. XIII. Fossilized Resonant Dropouts Tentatively ConfirmNeptune’s Migration was Grainy and Slow.” Lawler et al. 2019, TheAstronomical Journal, vol. 157.  LINK
  • “Observational Signatures of a Massive Distant Planet on theScattering Disk.” Lawler, Shankman, Kaib, Bannister, Gladman &Kavelaars, 2017. The Astrophysical Journal, vol. 153.  LINK
  • “Fomalhaut b as a Dust Cloud: Frequent Collisions within theFomalhaut Disk.” Lawler, Greenstreet & Gladman, 2015. TheAstrophysical Journal Letters, vol. 802.  LINK

Current Scholarly Projects

  • Dynamical studies of known exoplanet-disk systems like Fomalhaut and tau Ceti
  • Member of the Outer Solar System Origins Survey  LINK