Dr. Robert Petry

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
BSc Hons Physics (Sask), Diploma & MSt Theology (Oxford),
MSc Mathematics (Calgary), PhD Physics (Regina)

Phone: 306.586.4242 ext. 258 | Office: CM 405

Research Interests

Computational particle physics (Lattice QCD), High-performance computing (HPC), and Genetic Algorithms

Other interests include biblical historical-criticism as well as the relationship between science and religion.  I also work to develop free course material in math and science. Some of the lecture notes, including source files, of courses I have taught are available here.

Current Scholarly Projects

Code contributor to the PelicanHPC GNU Linux computer cluster project.

Representative Publications

  • Exploring the Meson Spectrum with Twisted mass Lattice QCD
    (Phys. Rev. D 78, 074502 (2008))