Marta Bashovski

Assistant Professor of Political Science
BA Hons (University of British Columbia), MA and PhD (University of Victoria)
Phone: 306.359.1259 | Fax: 306.359.1200 | Office: CM 315

Fall 2019 Office Hours: Wednesdays 1pm to 3pm or by appointment

Research Interests

  • History of political thought, particularly early modern and Enlightenment thought
  • Contemporary social and political thought
  • Politics of knowledge and politics of language
  • International relations theory
  • Theories of resistance and dissent
  • Critical methodologies and practices of critique
  • Politics of narrative and aesthetics
  • History and sociology of the social sciences

Representative Publications

  • “The looping effects of IR’s concepts: Bartelson on ontogenetic war and the politics of classification” forthcoming, Millennium: Journal of International Studies 48(1).
  • “The politics of sideways glances.” Journal of Narrative Politics 4(2), 141-144.
  • “Curiosities.” Peninsula: Journal of Relational Politics, March 2017.
  • “Returning to the Politics of Form: Levine’s Forms, and Jameson’s The Ancients and the Postmoderns,” Theory & Event 19(3), July 2016.

Current Scholarly Projects

Most of my research is in the politics of knowledge and the politics of language, broadly understood. This includes studying how the categories and stories through which we understand our political worlds affect our possibilities for political action. It also includes thinking about cultural objects like novels, music, and film as part of political theory, and as expressing political views.

My recently completed project looks at how the languages of protest movements, from Occupy Wall Street to the anti-austerity movements in southern Europe, function through specific, historically inherited categories for understanding resistance and dissent.