Dr. Marc Patenaude

Sessional Member of History
BA (University of Arkansas at Little Rock), MA, PhD (Louisiana State University)

Phone: 306.586.4242 ext. 236 | Office: CM 413

Research Interests

  • American History: United States History from 1945 to Present; History of American Anti-Communism; Age of Roosevelt (1932-1965); The Cold War (1945-1989); The Vietnam War; World War II and the Korean War; Social History of the 1960s; United States to 1865; United States from 1865
  • European History: 19th Century Britain; 20th Century Britain; Western Civilization to 1500; Western Civilization from 1500
  • World History: History of the Modern Middle East (1800-Present); History of China to 1600; History of China from 1600; China and the West (1830-1972); British Empire and South Asia (1600-1947); World History from 1500