Dr. Katherine Robinson

ON LEAVE (return July 2024)

Professor of Psychology and Health and Medical Humanities
BA Hons (Bishop’s), MSc, PhD (Alberta)

Phone: 306.586.4242 ext. 248 | Office: CM 511

Research Interests

Cognitive development with special emphases on the development of conceptual and strategic understanding in arithmetic in both children and adults.

Teaching Interests

Child, lifespan, and adolescent development; cognitive development; aging cognition; infant cognition; introductory psychology; and the Holocaust.

Research Centre

The Campion College Mathematical Cognition Centre (mc2) is composed of Drs. Katherine Arbuthnott, Tom Phenix, and Katherine Robinson, and undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in research on various aspects of children and adults’ mathematical thinking.

Current Scholarly Projects

The development of conceptual and strategic knowledge of division and inversion (NSERC funded);

The processing of poetry and prose as assessed through eye-tracking (U of R funded).

Representative Publications

  • The reciprocal relationships between multiplication and division: Concepts, procedures, and a cognitive framework.
    Robinson, K. M., & LeFevre, J. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 79, 409-428. (2012).
  • Accounting for individual differences in inversion shortcut use.
    Dubé, A. K., & Robinson, K. M. Learning and Individual Differences, 20, 687-693. (2010).
  • The multiplication and division inversion concept: Relationships between procedural, conceptual, and factual knowledge.
    Robinson, K. M. & Dubé, A. K. Cognitive Development, 24, 310-321. (2009a).
  • Children’s understanding of addition and subtraction concepts.
    Robinson, K. M., & Dubé, A. K. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 103, 532-545. (2009b).