Dr. Carrie Bourassa, BA Hons ’95

Associate Professor, Department of Science, FNUniv

2010 Honouree

Dr. Carrie Bourassa is a leading researcher in the area of Aboriginal health, and is dedicated to helping others develop a better understanding of First Nations and Métis people. Dr. Bourassa’s community-centered approach to research has made a positive impact on the treatment of and care for Aboriginal people in the health care setting. As a professor, she is a role model and inspiration to her students.

An associate professor in the Department of Science at First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv), Dr. Bourassa has played a key role in the growth of the science department and was recently awarded a $150,000 research grant from the Canadian Foundation of Innovation (CFI) to build community-based research labs at FNUniv.

Dr. Bourassa is very active in the community. She is the nominated principal investigator of the Indigenous Peoples Health Research Center (IPHRC), serves on a number of committees, is a volunteer at the Regina Métis Sports and Cultural Center, and is also a member of the Riel Métis Council of Regina (RMCR).