Campus Ministry

Building Our Community

Campion College Campus Ministry is dedicated to building a strong Catholic community on the university campus. Working to develop the whole person, Campus Ministry integrates intellectual inquiry with spiritual freedom and a commitment to social justice. Some of the programs offered include:

  • liturgical services
  • spiritual counselling
  • retreats
  • peer support
  • social justice initiatives
  • community service programs

Developing Leaders of Tomorrow

Students are key to the work of Campus Ministry, not only as participants, but also as leaders.

The Campion College peer support team provides leadership for various events and programs and serves as mentors to their peers.

For all of our students, Campus Ministry affords them an opportunity to:

  • serve the larger community as a volunteer
  • become more involved with their faith
  • develop leadership skills through their participation in the Canadian Catholic Students' Association and the Campion College Students' Union

Campus Ministry strives to develop our leaders of tomorrow by allowing students the opportunity to discover their leadership skills, and become more aware of how they can make a difference here at home and in our global community.

Leading the Way

The role of Campus Ministry extends beyond the doors of the chapel. Students today are facing more pressures to succeed in their university education than ever before. For many, a university degree is imperative to achieve their career aspirations, yet they must do so by balancing a job, family life, and other obligations. Campus Ministry provides a presence on campus, offering students a listening ear when the pressures of everyday life begin to weigh down on them. This support, whether it be in the form of pastoral counselling, spiritual guidance, or friendship building, can make all the difference in a student's life.

Campus Ministry is essential for:

  • preparing students to become our future leaders
  • ensuring student success
  • building a community of concerned and caring citizens

Your gift to Campus Ministry will enhance the many programs and services we provide to our students and the greater community. Help ensure the viability of the Campus Ministry program by donating to the Annual Campaign today.

For more information contact or call (800) 667-7282.