Campion Library's books and periodicals are currently selected to provide material for courses offered by the college and with a view to complement the University Library collection. The collection is strongest in the areas of religious studies and theology, philosophy and English literature. Other areas of interest include Canadian history, medieval history, psychology and film studies.

Two special collections deserve mention: Jesuitica, which includes Jesuit history and biography, particularly as it relates to North America, and a collection of materials on women and religion.

Access to the collection is provided through the U of R online catalogue which lists the holdings of all the libraries on campus as well as a consortium of libraries in the city. Seamless access to the Internet and World Wide Web is also available through the online catalogue . Users of the Internet are asked to observe the university library's statement on acceptable Internet use.

Students who use the Campion Library have access through the online catalogue to multiple online databases for journal articles, essays and newspaper accounts in most subject areas. One such service is Catholic Periodical and Literature Index Online which covers all aspects of the Catholic faith and lifestyle with articles published in Roman Catholic periodicals, Papal documents, church promulgations, and books about the Catholic faith.