Graduation Prizes

The following prizes are awarded at Spring Convocation. No application is necessary.

  • The Campion College Award of Merit Plaque

This award is a distinction given to a graduating Campion student who had consistently manifested a spirit of working generously for the good of the College, or an exemplary spirit of extraordinary spiritual courage.

  • The Reverend Gerald F. Lahey, SJ, Prize $500

This prize is awarded in memory of Gerald F. Lahey, S.J. who was Dean of Campion College from 1963 to 1969, and is given to the year's most outstanding Campion College graduate.

  • The Raymond and Helen MacDonald Prize  $350

The Raymond and Helen MacDonald Prize was established by the MacDonald family in honor of Raymond and Helen MacDonald. It is awarded to the Campion student graduating with a first degree who shows the most improved GPA from the first year to the last year of their graduating program based on comparison of GPA in the first 30 credit hours with the graduating program GPA.

  • The Samira McCarthy Prize in English

The Samira B. McCarthy Prize in English was established in the name of the former Dean of Campion (2002-2009) and long-time professor of English. The prize is for a graduating student who has attained the highest GPA (over 80%) among Campion students majoring in English.