Award Rules and Regulations

General Regulations

Campion College reserves the following rights: to give consideration to fair distribution in the allocation of awards; to withhold an award in any year in which there is no candidate who meets the selection criteria;
to cancel and require repayment (in part or in full) of an award if the recipient has not complied with all of the terms, conditions, guidelines and regulations as set out in the terms of reference or is no longer a registered student.

Students will only be considered for awards requiring application when they have submitted a full and complete application package.

Deferrals of awards will not normally be allowed. However, students in the GAP Year program are eligible to have automatic Campion funded entrance scholarships deferred for a maximum of one academic year.
Students must be registered through Campion College, or participating in a formal exchange program in which they pay tuition and fees at Campion College, in order to receive an award.

Only University of Regina (including federated college) courses will be used in the calculation of averages for consideration of scholarships, bursaries, awards or prizes unless the recipient is a high school graduate entering from high school.

To qualify for an award, a student must have removed all incomplete grades, completed deferred examinations, and had any grade changes completed within six weeks following the end of the semester.
Receipt of awards is conditional upon the recipient's compliance with all of the terms, conditions, guidelines and regulations as set out in the terms of reference.

Requests for reconsideration of an award regulation should be made to the Campion College Awards Officer. Requests must be submitted in writing to the Awards Officer and should, when appropriate, be accompanied by supporting documentation.

Course Loads and Calculation of Averages

Admission Average Used for Entrance Awards

The application deadline for most entrance awards is March 15, unless otherwise indicated on the awards information website. For the purposes of administering entrance awards, a student’s admission average will be used as calculated at the time of admission.

Minimum Course Load Requirements

To be eligible to earn undergraduate awards, a student must be registered in the minimum course load requirement as identified in the specific award criteria.

Accommodation on Course Load Requirements for Students with Disabilities

Students who are unable to register in the minimum credit hours stated in the scholarship’s term of reference due to a disability may be eligible for consideration if their maximum course load is specified and documented by a professional qualified to assess their ability. Students must be registered with, and their documentation provided to and verified by, the University of Regina’s Centre for Student Accessibility at the start of each semester during which the student may be considered for a scholarship or bursary.

[The above policies have been adopted and adapted from the University of Regina Student Awards and Financial Aid “Award Rules and Regulations” (see]