With more than 70 Scholarships and bursaries available exclusively to Campion students, in addition to the awards offered by the University of Regina, Campion students can truly “discover the best of both worlds”.

Campion students are also eligible for the University of Regina scholarships and awards including the University of Regina Entrance Scholarship program. Visit Student Awards and Financial Aid for more information.

Campion Entrance Scholarships & Bursaries (Application Deadline: March 15)

Campion Continuing Scholarships & Bursaries (Application Deadline: February 1)

Featured Scholarships:

Wolfe Family Entrance Scholarship

This scholarship is designated for a first-year Campion student graduating from a Saskatchewan high school. Applicants must have a minimum 90% admission average, demonstrate compassion through active service within the community, and show a commitment to athletics through involvement in sports. Four letters of reference are required, two confirming and describing the candidate’s compassionate activities (at least two hours weekly over 40 weeks during the prior year) and two references / letter testimonials confirming and describing the candidate’s participation in individual or team sports and/or athletics.

International Service Learning Scholarship

In the spirit of encouraging students to engage in service learning, Campion College has established scholarships for the purpose of helping students who wish to do volunteer work in other countries. Students who are interested in obtaining an International Service Learning scholarship will need to affiliate themselves with a reputable international development volunteer organization. There is no deadline for application for this scholarship; review of proposals is continuous until all the funds available in a given year are allocated.

Check out the Continuing Scholarship listing for more information.