Campion College is proud to present the Regina Book Launch of Modern Democracy and the Theological-Political Problem in Spinoza, Rousseau, and Jefferson, by Campion Professor Lee Ward, Ph.D.

The book launch will take place on Thursday, February 26 t 3:30 p.m. in the Campion Student Commons.

This study examines the intersection of two philosophical developments that arguably have come to define contemporary life in the liberal democratic west.  First, it considers how democracy has transformed historically from being seen by commentators as one deeply problematic form of government into the only legitimate and publicly defensible regime. Second it considers how modern democracy attempts to solve what has been called the ‘theological-political problem,’ that is, the competing claims to rule grounded in conflicting appeals to reason and revelation, by determining that consent of the people would replace divine authorization as the source of political authority.  Understanding the emergence of modern democracy requires examining the manner in which the preeminent early modern democratic political thinkers Baruch Spinoza, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Jefferson re-conceptualized the traditional understanding of the relation between politics and religion.  This book contends that Spinoza, Rousseau and Jefferson were the three thinkers who made the democratic west we know today.  

Lee Ward, PhD, is a associate professor of politics and international studies at Campion College, University of Regina. Among his previous publications are Natural Right and Political Philosophy: Essays in Honor of Catherine Zuckert and Michael Zuckert (Co-edited with Ann Ward). South Bend, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2013), John Locke and Modern Life (Cambridge University Press, 2010), The Ashgate Research Companion to Federalism (Co-edited with Ann Ward. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing Co., 2009), and The Politics of Liberty in England and Revolutionary America (Cambridge University Press, 2004). Dr. Ward has published numerous articles in the areas of the history of political philosophy and American political thought.