With countless hours spent in the library, meeting after meeting with professors, forming new friendships, expanding the knowledge of one’s self, a constant checking of word counts and formatting bibliographies into the caffeine-assisted early morning light, and the subsequent early morning bus rides; Campion College welcomes 80 graduates into our alumni family! Our 2017 Campion graduates celebrated their Convocation on June 8, 2017.

As one of 120 Jesuit post-secondary institutions world-wide, Campion College is committed to creating men and women for others and educating the whole person: academically, spiritually, and socially. For us, education is not about what you become, but about WHO you become. This is abundantly displayed through the lives that these new graduates will lead.

Christine Elizabeth Hubbs graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology with Great Distinction. Miss Hubbs has been an outstanding student through her university career, achieving Dean’s Honours status in every eligible semester, possessing outstanding knowledge in her field. Additionally, Miss Hubbs has been awarded the S.E. Stewart Award by the Faculty of Arts, which recognizes its most distinguished graduate receiving a first degree. This distinction is based exclusively on academic standing.

Saghar Chara Mahali, although not a Campion student, accessed Campion’s Engaged Learning Program to supplement her studies with volunteer work at the North Central Family Center and Regina Immigrant Women’s Center. Miss Saghar has been awarded the Faculty of Art’s Dean’s Medal and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honours, with a major in Psychology.

Serena Paolina La Posta graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French with Great Distinction and International Designation and has been awarded the Campion College Award of Merit. This award is a distinction given to a graduating Campion student who had consistently manifested a spirit of working generously for the good of the College, and/or an exemplary spirit of extraordinary spiritual courage.

Shayne Kevin Gryba, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Great Distinction, is a member of Alpha Sigma Nu (Jesuit Honour Society), and has been awarded The Reverend Gerald F. Lahey, S.J. Prize. This prize is awarded in memory of Gerald F. Lahey, S.J., who was Dean of Campion College from 1963 to 1969, and is given to the year's most outstanding Campion College graduate.

Ian Albert Norman Folkersen graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Geology and was awarded The Raymond and Helen MacDonald Prize. The Raymond and Helen MacDonald Prize was established by the MacDonald family in honor of Raymond and Helen MacDonald and is intended for the most improved Campion student graduating with a first degree.

Jean Mahoney was awarded the St. Edmund Campion Medal. The St. Edmund Campion Medal is presented by Campion College to an individual who’s life and activities have exemplified, in an outstanding way, the service of faith and the promotion of justice; ideals championed by St. Edmund Campion and embedded in the Jesuit philosophy of education at Campion College.

Ms. Mahoney commenced her nursing training at St. Paul’s Hospital School of Nursing in Saskatoon and pursued a career in occupational health. As a natural leader, she served on numerous committees, boards, and taskforces, specifically those in connecting health care and the Catholic Church. Over the past forty years, she has played a key role in serving as the President of Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association, member and President of the Saskatchewan Catholic Health Corporation, National President of Catholic Women’s League, and former Chair of the Board of Regents at Campion College. Additionally, Ms. Mahoney has overseen a fundraising effort of $120,000 for Santa Maria Senior Citizens Home.  Through the years, she has received much recognition and many awards for all her effort, hard work, time, and service as a volunteer throughout the community. In her address to the graduating class, she encouraged them to embrace doubt and turn it into faith:

“In your readiness to serve, or as you begin the next part of your career you may well encounter road blocks. You may even doubt your choice of career! Pause and ask yourself who and what made you so passionate about that choice. Revisit that time, occasionally, when things seem difficult. Healthy doubt is part of leading you to answers. Faith has a role in helping your decision making,”

Furthermore, Jean encouraged the graduates to be a people of hope: “Hope is very profound. Small actions can yield unbelievable results and depth of meaning to those you have shared with. Be true to yourself. Keep charity in your heart because it can be a very uncharitable world.”

Upon ending her address, she challenged the future world-changers saying:

“Be a contributor to society. Look beyond your own interests. You each have so much to offer. I challenge you to take your place in community enrichment…. In each day and in many ways, our hands touch the suffering body of Christ in those we serve. This is a great responsibility, very worth of your consideration.”

Congratulations to the Campion College class of 2017! We will be praying for you as you embark onto your next chapter and continue to lead lives of service.