Campion College is among the recipients of the Education for Sustainable Development Recognition awards presented by the Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) today in Nipawin, Saskatchewan.

The RCE Education for Sustainable Development recognition program applauds innovative ways in which organizations advance education for sustainable development in the prairie region. The award recognizes Campion College for its 2011 Lighting Retrofit Project.

 “Campion College is honoured to be recognized for its efforts to improve energy efficiency and our commitment to environmental sustainability,” says Ken Yanko, director of facilities and operations.

Through the Lighting Retrofit Project, which resulted in a reduction of lamps and ballasts, Campion College realized an energy saving of approximately 12.77 kilowatts of power annually while increasing the overall lighting quality within the building. In-house personnel completed the project and the replaced materials were shipped to qualified recycle facilities for safe environmental disposal.

“The Lighting Retrofit Project is a perfect example of a creative solution to address energy efficiency concerns in an aging building with limited resources,” says James Gustafson, executive director of administration and finance.

“This project represents the initial stage in a gradual improvement of lighting and energy efficiency in the Campion College building,” adds Gustafson.