Dr. Stephen Kenny

Professor of History

BA (Windsor), MA (Western Ontario), PhD (Ottawa)

Office: CM 509
Phone: (306) 359-1239
Fax: (306) 359-1200
E-mail: stephen.kenny@uregina.ca


Research Interests

Historical relationship of French and English speaking Canadians; Canadian-American relations; Modern Quebec, British North America (pre-Confederation)


Representative Publications

“Prologue on Epilogue: Thoughts on Some Recent Canadian Scholarship in Church History.” American Review of Canadian Studies. Spring 2004.

“Rough Language in Tough Times: The Bitter Rhetoric of Declining Quebec Nationalism” presented at the XIIth International conference of Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland, May 2004, University College, Cork.


Current Scholarly Projects

Continuing research investigates the historical phenomenon of “anti-Catholicism” in north America. An article on this subject appeared in the American Review of Canadian Studies (Winter 2002). Papers on various aspects have been delivered recently, in both French and English, in Rouen, San Antonio, Mobile and Moncton.