Dr. Leanne Groeneveld

Associate Professor of Theatre Studies

BA Hons, PhD (Alberta)

Office: CM 313
Phone: 359-1222
Fax: (306) 359-1200
E-mail: leanne.groeneveld@uregina.ca


Recent Publications

 "The Play of the Sacrament as Fifteenth-century Masochistic Christian Fantasy." Autopsia 1.1 (Vox Redux) (Fall 2010): 112-42. Online journal.

"Christ's Burial and Christ's Resurrection: Provenance and Performance." Research Opportunities in Medieval and Renaissance Drama 48 (2009): 1-25.

"Remembering and Revenging the Death of Christ: Adriennne Kennedy's Motherhood 2000 and the York Crucifixion." The Journal of American Drama and Theatre 21.1 (Winter 2009): 65-85.

"A Theatrical Miracle: The Boxley Rood of Grace as Puppet." Early Theatre 10.2 (2007): 11-50.

"Salvation, Damnation, and the Wounded (Corporate) Body of Christ in Late Medieval Culture." Florilegium. 22 (2005): 81-104.

"Mourning, Heresy, and Resurrection in the York Corpus Christi Cycle." Response to Death: The Literary Work of Mourning. Ed. Christian Riegel. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press and Canadian Review of Comparative Literature, 2005. 1-22.

"Letting or Leaking Blood? Christ's Wounded Masculinity." Tessera. 33/34 (Winter 2003): 136-51.


Recent Papers Presented

 "Theatre of Blood: Violence and Beauty in the English Cycle Dramas." Invited talk. Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance studies research group, St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 22 January 2010.

"Subjectivity, the Ars Moriendi, and the Place of Death." Early Modern Dramatic and Literary Spaces Conference. California State University, Long Beach, California. 7 November 2009.

"Sixteenth-Century Carthusian Theatre at Kingston-on-Hull: Christ's Burial and Christ's Resurrection." Meaningful Marginalities Conference, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. 12 May 2006.

"Cruel Allegory: Benjamin and the Melancholy Subject, Artaud and the Schizophrenic Object." 2004 ACCUTE Conference. University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 31 May 2004.

"The Boxley Rood of Grace: Mechanical Marvel or Miraculous Object?" 39th International Congress on Medieval Studies, University of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 6 May 2004.


Recent Theatre Productions

N-Town Parliament of Heaven and Annunciation. Musica Sacra. 2 December 2006.