Dr. Anna Mudde

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Head of Philosophy and Classics

BA Hons (Toronto, 2002), MA (Memorial, 2004), PhD (York, 2011)

Office: CM 510
Phone: (306) 359 -1241
Fax: (306) 359-1200
E-mail: anna.mudde@uregina.ca
Webpages: : www.annamudde.com

Research Interests

Dr. Mudde works in feminist epistemologies and metaphysics, specializing in self-knowledge, subjectivity, and Simone de Beauvoir. That is probably why she is so interested in the physics and philosophy of glass mirrors. She is equally interested in scientific and everyday practices, and she thinks a lot about how to understand objectivity and responsibility.

Representative Publications

“Self-Images and ‘Perspicuous Representations’: Reflection, Philosophy, and the Glass Mirror,” in Metaphilosophy 46(4-5), 2015: 539-554.

“Living Experiments: Beauvoir, Freedom, and Science,” PhaenEx 10(1), 2015: 57-75. 

“Embodied Disagreements,” PhaenEx 9(2), 2014: 99-111.

“Beauvoir’s Metaphysical Novel:  Literature, Philosophy, and Ambiguity,” in Socrates and Dionysus: Philosophy and Art in Dialogue (ed. Ann Ward) (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK:  Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013) 

"'Before You Formed in the Womb I Knew You:' Sex Selection and Spaces of Ambiguity," in Hypatia 25(3), 2010.

"Risky Subjectivity:  Antigone, Action, and Universal Trespass," in Human Studies 32(2), 2009.

“Karen Barad’s Agential Realism and Reflexive Epistemic Authority,” in Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy, Volume 25:  2008, pp. 65-75