Dr. Alex MacDonald

Associate Professor of English

BA, MA (Sask), PhD (London)

Office: CM 513
Phone (306) 359-1223
Fax     (306) 359-1200
E-mail: alex.macdonald@uregina.ca


I was born in Regina and attended Holy Rosary School and Campion High School. After study at the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus, and King’s College at the University of London, England, I worked in Saskatoon as Secretary to the Saskatchewan Universities Commission from 1974-80. I began teaching at Campion College in 1980. I am married to Catherine Arthur-MacDonald, who has recently retired from teaching at Thomson Community School, and has also been a Sessional Lecturer in the Faculty of Education. We have two sons, James and Colin, who have both been students at Campion and the University of Regina.

If you are considering one of my classes I would be happy to give you further information by phone, E-mail or in a meeting.

Classes Offered

English 100 – Critical Reading and Writing 1

English 110 – Critical Reading and Writing 2 (literature and science)

English 212 – Literature Survey 2

English 336 – Studies in Nineteenth Century Literature

English 339 – Performance Poetry

English 374 – Studies in the Short Story

English 387 - Ideas of the University

English 406/806 – Honours/Graduate seminar (Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

English 430/806 - Honours/Graduate seminar (Nineteenth Century Aestheticism)

English 475/815 – Honours/Graduate seminar (utopian literature)

Humanities 260 – Utopian Literature, Thought and Experiment (Utopianism in Saskatchewan)


Classes typically involve problem-solving in smaller groups, short lecture segments, audio and film clips, occasional guest presenters and a UR Courses web site.


SQUIBS: Four Directions. Regina: Hatman Press, 2014 (www.amazon.ca)

"The Guest Scholar Project." The Teaching Professor, Vol 23, No 5, May 2009, 5-6. 

“On Wascana’s Banks: Progress, Harmony and Diversity in Throne Speeches of the

            North-West Territories and Saskatchewan, 1877-2007,” Saskatchewan History

            Vol 60, No 2, Fall 2008, 2-15.

Cloud-Capped Towers: The Utopian Theme in Saskatchewan History and Culture.

            Regina: Canadian Plains Research Center, 2007.

Hatman. Poems de Terre. Regina, 2005.

Practical Utopians: The Lives and Writings of Ed and Will Paynter, Saskatchewan

            Co-operative Pioneers. Regina: Canadian Plains Research Center, 2004.

Looking Backward: 2000-1887, by Edward Bellamy, Edited by Alex MacDonald,

            Peterborough: Broadview Press, 2003.

“Choosing Utopia: An Existential Reading of Aldous Huxley’s Island.” Utopian

            Studies. Vol 12, No 2, 2001, 103-13.

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