Campion College Students' Union

The Campion College Students' Union (CCSU) organizes various activities for students, including sporting and social events. The goal of the students' union is to promote fellowship among students and to provide a friendly place to unwind from the rigour of academic pressures.

All Campion students are members of the CCSU. The core group of the CCSU is the executive, which invites interested students to offer their names for spring election or to act as support members. Regular meetings are held and all students are invited to attend.

Being part of the students' union, and becoming active within it, provides students the opportunity to offer their specific talents to the CCSU while gaining valuable leadership experience.

The Campion College Students' Union is governed by a constitution. This document also explains each position and its responsibilities.

2018/2019 CCSU Executive: 

President: Mitch Alexus Vice-President: Emily Bardutz
Treasurer: Dina Tremblay Secretary: Melissa Mandziuk
Student Society Liaison: Danielle Graff Social Justice Coordinator/Intramurals: Philip Ottenbreit
Community Coordinator: (vacant) Public Relations: Anna Gessica Marcial
National Student Liaison: Michaela Flaman Environmental Coordinator: Melissa Schroeder
Faculty Advisor: Chelsea Low


Looking to be part of next year's executive? Fill out the nomination form and send it to!

For more information contact the CCSU office: CM 110, 306-359-1245  

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