Campus Ministry

  • Daily liturgy (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, excluding holidays): 12:30 pm

  • Tuesday liturgy: 1 pm

  • Sunday liturgy: 6:30 pm

Daily liturgies conclude April 17th, 2019, resuming September 2019.

Sunday masses conclude April 21, 2019 @ 10:00 a.m., resuming September 2019.

Students do not have to be Roman Catholic to attend Campion College or to use the services of the Campus Ministry. The informative and spiritual setting allows students to question and formulate their own spiritual values.

The Campion College Campus Ministry offers:

  •     Worship & liturgical prayer in the sacred space of the Campion chapel
  •     Group reflection, discussion, seminars and retreats
  •     Pastoral counselling and spiritual direction
  •     Personal counselling
  •     Confession, absolution and reconciliation
  •     Interfaith activities
  •     Development of leadership and study skills
  •     Special events and activities
  •     Community outreach
  •     A friendly and nurturing space for those who need spiritual and emotional comfort 

Contact the Campus Minister if you have any questions or needs connected to the office. Everyone, regardless of faith tradition or academic background, is welcome to visit the Campus Ministry office.

All services are held in the Chapel at Campion College, 2nd floor.

Kelly Bourke