Mentor Program - Alumni

What are the benefits of joining the Campion Advantage Program?

  • A reinforced sense of belonging to the Campion community
  • A way to help out current students with helpful advice
  • An opportunity to acquaint yourself with upcoming talent
  • A way to give back to the Campion community and take interest in the future workforce

Role of the Alumni:

An alumni provides advice, support and offers guidance to a student. An alumni should strive to:

  • Listen: Listen-actively and patiently to the student’s concerns, questions and thoughts.
  • Share experiences: Both positive and negative so the student can get a realistic view of that particular university/career path.
  • Gives constructive feedback: Share what you noticed about the student’s comments, offer advice and challenge your student to make decisions so they may become an independent problem solver.

Commitment Requirements:

  • Interact with your student as required


  • Campion graduates


APPLY NOW by completing the online registration form.

Once you have submitted your online application, a College representative will contact you within two business days to confirm your registration in the program. If you do not receive a response, please contact Chelsea Low (see contact information below) to confirm that your application was received.

For more information contact:
Chelsea Low
Community Relations Officer
Campion College RM 320