Mentor Program - First Year Students

What are the benefits of joining the Campion Advantage Program?

  • Learn how to get the most out of your university experience by attending a variety of sessions focused on opportunities to get inv, academic proficiency, and networking
  • Learn how to become a successful university student from your mentor, a fellow successful university student
  • Exclusive invitations to network with alumni, faculty, and staff
  • Get involved with a group of students dedicated to “men and women for others”
  • Earn a certificate of excellence for participating in the program

The Role of the Student:

The role of the student needs to be proactive. It is imperative that the student has:

  • Self-awareness: Clarify to yourself and your mentor where you are in your university experience and specify what your goals are for the duration of the program.
  • An active role: Initiate contact with your mentor, be responsive and offer constructive feedback. It is important that you do the homework between mentoring sessions and approach your mentor with possible solutions to the challenges you would like help with.
  • Professional etiquette: Respect the Mentor’s time and contribution to the program, keep their personal information confidential and use proper business etiquette.

First Year Student Sessions (examples)

Social/Spiritual Involvement Sessions:

  • Games night
  • Socials
  • Movie nights
  • Student club or society events
  • URSU events

Academic/Student Success Development Sessions:

  • Exam Preparation
  • Effective note taking
  • Effective reading
  • Time management
  • Study skills
  • Academic Writing
  • Research

Alumni/Networking Development Sessions:

  • Alumni Awards
  • Networking etiquette
  • Appreciation Gala
  • Idle Talk/Campion Controversies
  • Campus lectures
  • Alumni events

Social Justice Component

  • Volunteering with CAP, CCSU, or ASN
  • Independent Volunteering
  • Engaged Learning options


Commitment Requirements:

  • Attend Campion Advantage Program Orientation (Laser Quest Event)
  • Attend at least two sessions (above) in each category within your academic year
  • Schedule an appointment with the CAP Coordinator
  • Participation for Fall and Winter semesters


  • Current Campion students completing a undergraduate degree


APPLY NOW by completing the online registration form.

Once you have submitted your online application, a College representative will contact you within two business days to confirm your registration in the program. If you do not receive a response, please contact Chelsea Low (see contact information below) to confirm that your application was received. 


For more information contact:
Chelsea Low
Community Relations Officer
Campion College RM 320