100 for 100

Help us build an accessible campus for all.

In 2015, the College broke ground on a historic building project that is transforming its 50-year-old building into one that is more accessible to all. As the College moves forward, we want to ensure that our campus is a safe and welcoming space for all students. The Building Enhancement Project addresses this need by creating a new entryway, establishing spacious elevator and stairwell landings, connecting the College to the new university residence towers through an underground pedestrian corridor, and installing a new elevator. These newly created and enhanced spaces are key to continuing our mission to form people for others for the next 100 years. Upon completion, the project will bring the College closer than ever to its vision of a barrier-free environment. But we need your help if we are to realize our dream of a College environment that is welcoming and accessible for all.

Campion has a rich history of Jesuit education in Saskatchewan. Since its establishment in 1917, many students have passed through the College doors. Inspired by the Jesuit values of the institution, this diverse group of alumni has gone on to make great contributions in their local communities and beyond.

Alumni Hall of Honour

To celebrate the achievements of our alumni and honour the College’s longstanding Jesuit tradition of excellence in education, the new entrance will include an Alumni Hall of Honour. This area will profile the College’s rich history and celebrate the achievements of the many Campion alumni who have journeyed through its hallways over the past 100 years. The Alumni Hall of Honour will be unveiled as part of the Campion College 100th Anniversary celebrations in 2017.


100 for 100

The Building Enhancement Project is not just about concrete pillars and steel structures. It goes beyond meeting code compliance standards and revitalizing dated spaces. This project is about creating an environment that reflects a Jesuit institution which encourages its students to grow, to learn, to explore different cultures and ideas, and to broaden their understanding of the world. We invite you to become a proponent of change, to support our Jesuit tradition of excellence in education, and to participate in shaping our future and the future of generations to come.

You can be a part of this historic endeavour by becoming one of Campion’s 100 for 100. Donors contributing $1,000 or more to the 100 alumni for the 100th anniversary campaign will be recognized on a special plaque located in the Alumni Hall of Honour. For a monthly pledge of only $42 over 24 months, you can demonstrate your Campion pride as a member of the Alumni Hall of Honour 100 for 100.

Make your pledge today! Your contribution will pay tribute to the College’s rich history and help shape the future of Campion for many generations to come!

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