Natasha Jaques

Natasha Jaques
BA '12
2017 Alumni of Distinction Award Recipent

Natasha Jacques is a passionate and astute computer programmer. She wants to harness the gains made in the area of artificial intelligence to ensure they serve humanity completely. She also wants to liberate women's struggles for pay equity in the field to validate their computer programming skills. To some this may be a tall order but not to her.

She sees a convergence between science and psychology. In her studies, she did not sacrifice one interest for the other and was told she could pursue both degrees. In 2012 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honours in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in

Psychology. She completed her master’s degree at UBC and was awarded the Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship and the UBC CS Merit Scholarship.

Natasha is currently working on her doctoral program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, researching machine learning and deep learning. She was awarded for her work at MIT with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Wellbeing Fellowship. She has interned at both Microsoft and at Google, working in Google’s Research and Machine Intelligence division on the Google Brain Team.

Here in Regina, she has helped teach kids how to build robots at the Mother Teresa Middle School Science Camp. She also continues to empower girls by teaching them about robotics and computer programming skills through the Girlsmart Program. Enabling women to pursue computer science and help them strive for pay equity in this arena continues to be a main thrust of her volunteer and vocational endeavors.