Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Campion located?

Campion is located on the University of Regina main campus in Regina, Saskatchewan.


I want a University degree, does that mean I cannot enroll through a College?

You CAN earn a university degree through Campion. We are a university college, federated with the University of Regina. That means that, as a Campion student, you are also a U of R student and graduate with a University of Regina degree.


If I am a U of R student, what is the benefit of going through a College?

Campion students have the added advantage of a smaller home base on campus. This means there is no line up when paying your fees, no appointment is required to meet with an academic advisor, and all your administrative needs are handled in one convenient location. You also have additional benefits such as more scholarship opportunities , and a chance to develop leadership skills through involvement in student government and/or mentor programs.


As a Campion student, will I only take classes offered by the College?

No. All classes on the U of R campus are open to all University of Regina students. Campion students can register for courses taught by University of Regina, Luther College and First Nations University of Canada professors, as well as courses offered through the College. Campion courses are also open to all students at the U of R. We do reserve seats in most Campion classes for our students, which makes it easier to get the classes you need. And we keep our class sizes small to ensure more faculty/student interaction.


Is there an additional cost to enroll through Campion?

No, Campion students pay the same tuition and fees as any other student in the same program. The University of Regina sets all tuition and fees.


What can I study through Campion?

If you are applying to the Faculties of Arts, Fine Arts, and Science—including pre-professional programs and Social Work Qualifying—at the U of R, you can choose Campion as your campus. For more information on the different programs, visit our Academics page or contact our Enrolment Counsellor.


How are your academic programs different from the University of Regina academic programs?

The academic programs at Campion are the same as those at the University. All program requirements are outlined in the U of R General Calendar. For more information on a specific program or area of study, contact our Enrolment Counsellor.


I am going into a pre-professional program; will the professional college recognize the Campion program?

Yes. The academic programs are U of R programs, and recognized by the professional colleges. In fact, many Campion students have been successful in their application to professional schools, and found the smaller class sizes and the individual advising at Campion to be beneficial while completing their pre-professional studies here.


Can I be a Campion student if my program is not one of the ones listed on the Academics page?

There are a number of ways U of R students in faculties other than Arts, Science or Fine Arts can be involved at Campion. You can take a Campion class , get involved in our Engaged Learning program , take advantage of our free Writing Centre or Math/Stats tutoring , participate in our Campus Ministry programs, or study in our library.


Do I have to be Catholic or religious to go through Campion?

No. Campion is open to all students, regardless of religious affiliation, and there is no religious requirement to be a member of the College. As the Catholic college on campus, our Campus Ministry department offers a variety of services that are open to any U of R student who would like to incorporate faith into their student life. More information about these services can be found on the Campus Ministry page.


Do you have scholarships?

Yes. Campion awards over $70,000 in scholarships to its students each year. And, because you are also a U of R student, you are eligible for University of Regina scholarships as well.


What additional programs and services does Campion offer?

Campion offers a wide range of academic support services and leadership development opportunities. Our Writing Centre and Math/Stats Help Centre provide free tutoring, while our Tutor/Mentor program provides additional support to students in Campion English 100 classes. Our Campus Ministry programs give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills, help raise awareness of global and local social justice issues, while our Campion Advantage Program assists in building an active and strong peer network.


I am an international student: can I enroll to the U of R through Campion?

Any student applying to the U of R faculties of Arts, Science or Fine Arts can enroll through the College by selecting Campion as their campus of choice on the U of R application form. By doing so, you will be part of a small college community while working toward your U of R degree.


Do I fill out a separate application form when applying to Campion?

The only application form you need to complete is the U of R application form. You are applying to the University of Regina and simply selecting Campion as your “home base” on campus. Therefore, you complete the U of R application form, selecting Campion as your campus of choice. You must meet U of R admission requirements for your program to be accepted.

While we do not admit students directly through Campion, one of our entrance advisors would be happy to help you through the application process. For more information, or to make an appointment, call 306-586-4242 or email