Entrance Scholarships

Entrance Awards

First-year students entering Campion are automatically eligible for most of the college's entrance scholarships simply by submitting a University of Regina application form, and selecting to enrol through Campion College before March 15. Click here for more information.

Scholarships Requiring Application

Campion College offers several entrance scholarships to which an application is required. Criteria vary from academic achievement to financial need. Click here to view these scholarship options and for application forms. (NOTE: APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR SCHOLARSHIPS IS MARCH 15).

U of R Scholarship Program

Campion students are also eligible for U of R awards and scholarships including the prestigious Centennial Merit and Centennial Merit Plus Scholarships. Click here for more information on U of R undergraduate awards and scholarships.

International Students

International students are eligible for the International Student Entrance scholarships offered by the U of R. Click here for more information.