Nash Memorial Lectures

37th Lecture: Arlette Zinck, Ph.D.
Discerning a Path Toward Hope: A Liberal Arts University’s Journey with Omar Khadr
March 2017
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36th Lecture: Kieran McEvoy, Ph.D.
Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation: Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland
Ferbruary 2016
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35th Lecture: Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ
Dead Man Walking: The Journey Continues
March 2015
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34th Lecture: Don Doll, S.J.
A Call to Vision: A Jesuit's Perspective on the World
 March 2014
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33rd Lecture: Guy Consolmagno, S.J., Ph.D.
The New Physics and the Old Metaphysics
February 2012 
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32nd Lecture: John W. McCarthy, S.J., Ph.D. 
The Re-enchantment of Nature as the Word and Beauty of God
March 2011
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31st Lecture: Geoffrey (Monty) Williams, S.J., Ph.D.
Ignatius's Incarnation Contemplation and the Stories We Live By
March 2010

30th Lecture: Msgr. Donald Bolen  
Reconciling Paths: Ecumenical learning, Conversing and Deepening Fundamental Human Experience
March 2009

29th Lecture: Daniel Coleman, Ph.D. 
Reading, Spirituality, and Cultural Politics
March 2008

28th Lecture: Lloyd Baugh, S.J., Ph.D. 
Imaging Jesus in Film: Sources and Influences, Limits and Possibilities
March 2007

27th Lecture: Peter Larisey, S.J., Ph.D. 
Religion in Modern & Contemporary Art: And the Need for an Aesthetic Conversion in the Contemporary Church
November 2005

26th Lecture: Bill Ryan, S.J., Ph.D. 
Catholicism in a Globalizing World
March 2004

25th Lecture: Monika Hellwig, Ph.D.  
21st Century Catholic Universities: What are we trying to do?
March 2003

24th Lecture: Erica Grimm-Vance, Tim Lilburn 
Imaging the Sacred: The Fruitful Alliance Between Gospel & Art
March 2002

23rd Lecture:  David Leigh, S.J., Ph.D. 
Authentic Lives, Profound Journeys: Encountering Modern Spiritual Autobiographies of M.K. Gandhi, Black Elk, Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, C.S. Lewis & Nelson Mandela
March 2001

22nd Lecture: Penny J. Cole, Ph.D.; Hadia Dajani-Shakeel, Ph.D.  
Approaching Jerusalem: The Legacy of the Crusades in the 21st Century
March 2000

21st Lecture: Riffat Hassan, Ph. D.; Leslie Kawamura, Ph.D.; Roland E. Miller, Ph.D;
Ovey N. Mohammed, S.J., Ph.D.  
Giving an Account of Hope: Religious Foundations for Hope Facing A New Millennium
February 1999

20th Lecture: Avery Dulles, S.J., Ph.D. 
John Paul II and the Teaching Authority of the Church: Like a Sentinel
November 1997

19th Lecture: Ronald A. Mercier, S.J., Ph.D.  
How Can We Speak of Moral Things?
A Conversation with Edith Wyschogrod and Stanley Hauerwas
November 1996

18th Lecture: Christopher J. Corbally, S.J., Ph.D. 
Approaching "Would You Baptize an Alien?" From the Perspective of a Jesuit and Astronomer
November 1995

17th Lecture: Charles M. Shelton, S.J., Ph.D.
Intimacy and the Moral Life
November 1994

16th Lecture: John J. Pungente, S.J.  
Signs & Symbols of the Transcendent:Revisiting Our Media Environment
November 1993

15th Lecture: Jon Sobrino, S.J., Ph.D.  
'Compassion: The Shaping Principle of the Human and of the Christian'
November 1992

14th Lecture: John W. Padberg, S.J., Ph.D. 
"To Speak, Perchance to Dream" The Conversations of a College
October 1991

13th Lecture: George P. Schner, S.J., Ph.D  
On Theology: A Speech to its Cultured Despisers
October 1990

12th Lecture: J. Robert Barth, S.J., Ph.D. 
The Sacramental Vision of Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Centennial Tribute
October 1989

11th Lecture: Richard A. McCormick, S.J., Ph.D. 
Moral Theology in the Year 2000: Reverie or Reality?
February 1989

10th Lecture: John M. Staudenmaier, S.J., Ph.D. 
Advent for Capitalists: Grief, Joy, and Gender in Contemporary Society
November 1987

9th Lecture:  Clement J. McNaspy, S.J., Mus.D. 
Conquest of Inculturation: Ways of Ministry in the Early Jesuit Missions
January 1987

8th Lecture: André Godin, S.J., Ph.D. 
Some Psychological Dynamics in Religious Experience: The Point of Resistance
November 1985

7th Lecture: Philip C. Rule, S.J., Ph.D. 
Something of Great Constancy: Uses of the Imagination
November 1984

6th Lecture: David M. Stanley, S.J., S.S.D., D.H.L., D.S.T.   
'Unless Someone Gives Me the Clue': Awakened Interest  in the Story within Gospel-Criticism
November 1983

5th Lecture: Jacques Monet, S.J., Ph.D. 
'Maintaining a Constitution Worthy of Such a Country': Reflections on Values in Canadian Society
November 1982

4th Lecture: Arthur F. McGovern, S.J.,  Ph.D.  
Education for Justice: The Mission of the Church in the 1980s
November 1981

3rd Lecture: Michael A. Fahey, S.J., Dr. Theol.  
Assembly 2000 A.D.: Preparing for a Truly Ecumenical Gathering of Christians
November 1980

2nd Lecture: E. Colin Campbell, S.J., Ph.D.
From the Ghetto to Ottawa: The Experience of the Catholic as Mandarin
November 1979

The Inaugural Lecture: Marc Gervais, S.J., Ph.D.
Cries and Whispers: Voices Old and New in the Liberal Arts Tradition
January 1979