Pastoral Studies

PAST 310 Introduction to Pastoral Studies

The course is an introduction to Pastoral Studies. It contains segments on the ministries of teaching, preaching, pastoral care, organization, and celebration. It also treats the theology, history, and present opportunities in ministry. There are three mandatory seminars held each semester.

PAST 320 Pastoral Care

An introduction to pastoral care. Topics include: counseling relationships, pastoral counseling in a parish setting and in schools, pastoral counseling for adults and seniors, counseling the anxious and depressed persons, alcoholics, the burnt out, and the grieving.

PAST 330 Foundations of Pastoral Care

The course aims to foster a theological-ethical framework for reflecting on the moral responsibilities of pastoral ministry. Topics include ministry as vocation and as profession, and deals with issues of ethics, power, sexuality, and confidentiality.

PAST 390-395AA-ZZ: Selected topics in pastoral studies.