Theatre Studies

THEA 100-C01 Introduction to Theatre                                    

Leanne Groeneveld        CRN 12702                 MWF 1130-1220  

An introduction to the various aspects of theatre including performance and production, the play script, history, theory and criticism.


THST 462-C01 Staging the Passion                                            

Leanne Groeneveld        CRN 12711                      TR 1300-1415  

In this course, we will examine theatrical representations of Christ’s crucifixion, death, and resurrection, from its early remembrance and re-enactment in the ritual of the Mass and the Easter liturgy to its reinterpretation and re-imagination in plays such as Terrence McNally’s Corpus Christi and Adrienne Kennedy’s Motherhood 2000. As we discuss texts ranging from the early and late medieval to the postmodern, we will note and attempt to understand two apparently opposing representational impulses: to historicize the events leading to and including Christ’s death, and to transpose those events, making them contemporaneous with the time of theatrical production. Texts to be discussed will include Jesus Christ Superstar, the York Crucifixion and Death of Christ, the N-Town Passion Play, the Croxton Play of the Sacrament, Ghelderode’s The Women at the Tomb, McNally’s Corpus Christi, Kennedy’s Motherhood 2000, and the film Jesus of Montreal. Some previous experience with late medieval English literature would be beneficial but is not required.