Religious Studies

RLST 100-C01 Introduction to Religious Studies                    

Michelle Folk                   CRN 12382                 MWF 1230-1320  

This course is a survey of the beliefs and practices of the major world religions. It is also an introduction to the academic study of religion. In addition, this particular course will pay some attention to the “etiquette” of social interaction with people from different religions.


RLST 322-C01 Antisemitism & the Holocaust                         

Michelle Wagner            CRN 12391                 MWF 1030-1120  

The religious and cultural roots of antisemitism and its manifestations in Western civilization: the rise of racist and political antisemitism in Europe; seminal issues in the history of the Holocaust; an analysis of the various political and cultural responses to the events of this period.  


RLST 390BT-C01 History of Popular Religion: 300-1400      

Allison Fizzard                 CRN 12393                      TR 1300-1415  

This course will examine, from an historical perspective, the religious beliefs and practices of medieval Europeans.  The emphasis will be on Christian beliefs, but those of other religions will be considered too.  Topics include: heresy; the fate of the dead; skepticism; saints; signs and miracles; good and evil spirits; holidays.


RLST 390BY-C01 The Prophet Muhammad                             

Sami Helewa                   CRN 12394                      TR 1430-1545  

Advanced studies: The course deals with the life events of the Prophet in his context of Seventh Century Arabia as seen in Muslim writings: The Sira (biographical genre) and the Tradition.  Some themes and films/documentaries about the Prophet will also be part of the discussion.