PSYC 101-C01 Introductory Psychology A                               

Instructor TBD                 CRN 12281                 MWF 0930-1020  

This course offers an introduction to the psychology of the human individual and focuses on topics having to do with intelligence, development, personality, psychological disorders and the social environment of the person. This course also provides an overview of the history of the development of psychology and the research methods used in psychology. Through this course, students will gain an understanding of human behaviour and will learn to become critical consumers of information that is available to them through media and other sources.


PSYC 102-C01 Introductory Psychology B                               

Katherine Arbuthnott    CRN 12310                      TR 0830-0945  

This course offers an introduction to the psychology of the human individual, focusing on topics having to do with biological processes; sensation and perception; consciousness; learning; memory; thought and language; intelligence; and motivation and emotion. This course will also provide an overview of how psychology developed and the research methods used in psychology. Through this course, students will gain an understanding of human behaviour and will become critical consumers of information that is available through the media and other sources.


PSYC 204-C01 Research Methods in Psychology                    

Bianca Hatin                   CRN 12314                 MWF 1430-1520  

This course will give students the basis for understanding research design, specifically methods commonly used in psychology. Topics will include reliability and validity, surveys, experiments, and interviews. Students will be exposed to processes involved in writing a research proposal, such as the design of an experiment, literature review, and APA format. Both qualitative and quantitative designs will be addressed.


PSYC 210-C01 Developmental Psychology                              

Katherine Robinson         CRN 12316                     TR 1000-1115

A study of developmental processes across the lifespan; the interaction between environmental and biological processes; maturational and learning factors; how these interact with social influences in the developing person.


PSYC 220-C01 Social Psychology                                                

Instructor TBD                 CRN 12320                 MWF 1030-1120  

Social psychology is the study of human behaviour in its social context dealing with the way we think socially, the impressions we form of others and emphasizing the influence of group membership and interactions upon important psychological processes. Topics include: social cognition, social perception, the self, persuasion, including propaganda, attitudes, prejudice and discrimination, prosocial behaviour, aggression, love/relationships, charismatic leaders and cults. It will give you a glimpse into the social world in which we live and how the various concepts relate to everyday interactions, advertising, and the media.


PSYC 270-C01 Human Information Processing                       

Tom Phenix                     CRN 12327                 MWF 0930-1020  

The objectives of this course are to introduce the student to important concepts, phenomena, experimental techniques, and theoretical issues in the field of cognitive psychology. As cognitive psychology is the scientific study of how people think, this course will cover how people attend, encode, represent and understand, as well as solve problems, make decisions, and communicate their thoughts. The course will involve an assessment of current theoretical issues and experimental methodology. Whenever possible, links to real-life situations will be considered. An additional objective is to enhance your ability to critically evaluate and critique published research.


PSYC 311-C01 Adolescent Psychology                                      

Katherine Robinson        CRN 12330                       M 1130-1415  

An in-depth study of adolescent development with special reference to adolescent identity from a female and male perspective, and with attention to the relationship of physiological, cognitive, and sociological dimensions.


PSYC 338-C01 Motivation and Emotion                                   

Katherine Arbuthnott    CRN 12336                      TR 1300-1415  

A survey of theory and research findings in the areas of motivation and emotion.