Political Science

PSCI 100-C01 People, Power and Politics                                 

Instructor TBD                 CRN 12259                 MWF 0930-1020  

This course provides an overview of the ideas, practices and institutions that inform political life both in theory and practice. We will examine these ideas and practices from a broad perspective with special attention paid to the Canadian and North American context, as well as the political, cultural and ethical challenges to liberal democracy in the 21st century.


PSCI 390AS-C01 Democratic Theory                                        

Phillip Hansen                CRN 12267                      TR 1130-1245  

Democracy is the most widely held political value in the world today. But what democracy actually means has always been contentious. This course explores the different ways democracy has historically been defined and why it has been and remains a controversial idea (and ideal). Examining democracy's contested history could allow us to better understand our own democracy -- or lack of it.