MATH 101-C01 Introduction to Finite Math                           

Vijayaparvathy  Agasthian    CRN 12036           MWF 0830-0920

This is an introductory course intended to familiarize the students with the basic concepts of arithmetic, number theory, set theory, symbolic logic, and finite mathematics. Topics include logic, sets, numeration systems, arithmetic in non-decimal systems, system of integers, elementary number theory and modular arithmetic. There will be a strong emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, understanding concepts and their applications.


MATH 111-C01 Calculus II

MATH 111-C02 (for Campion students)                                   

Vijayaparvathy  Agasthian        CRN  12061 (C01)   12062(C02)             TRF  1030-1120                               

Plus lab: MATH 111-C10 (12063)       R 1130-1220

A continuation of Math 110, this course covers differentiation and integration of exponential and logarithmic functions, inverse functions, methods of integration with applications, indeterminate forms and L'Hospital's Rule, improper integrals, parametric equations, polar coordinates, power series, and Taylor series.


MATH 122-C01 Linear Algebra

MATH 122-C02 (for Campion students)                                   

Vijayaparvathy  Agasthian        CRN  12068 (C01) 1 2069(C02)        MWF  1430-1520                             

Plus lab: MATH 122-C10 (13105)       T 1130-1220

This course introduces students to elementary linear algebra with a focus on computation and application. Topics include matrices and systems of linear equations, matrix inversion and determinants, vectors, inner products, eigenvectors and eigenvalues.  In addition to its utility in solving a large class of common mathematical problems, linear algebra is foundational for many higher courses in mathematics and science.