HIST 114-C01 Issues in History of Americas:                         

Marc Patenaude             CRN 11661                 MWF 1130-1220  

An exploration of major themes, periods and events in the history of the Americas, this course introduces students to the methods and sources of historical study, familiarizes them with significant developments in the history of the Americas and encourages them to compare the historical experiences of various American peoples.


HIST 333-C01 Chicago: America’s Second City                       

Dawn Flood                     CRN 11674                 MWF 0930-1020  

Examines urban development in one of America's most racially and ethnically diverse cities. This course analyzes Chicago history:  from its early-nineteenth century origins of cultural conflict and environmental achievements, to its turn-of-the-century growth as a site of progressive reform, to its more recent struggles with racial/ethnic divides and political corruption.


HIST 352-C01 Shanghai and Tokyo                                            

John Meehan                  CRN 11675                      TR 1000-1115  

This course compares the complex social, economic, cultural and political changes in these Asian cities since the first era of contact with the West.  Themes include the development of a “new” urban lifestyle built around a rapidly expanding middle class, the growth of a politicized urban proletariat and new roles for women.  The lectures are organized thematically, exploring such topics as: the challenge of rapid urban growth, progress and problems of urbanisation, the influence of ideologies such as communism and socialism; the important roles played by mass media and entertainment in creating urban culture; women in the workforce; the imperial presence in Shanghai and imperialist culture in Tokyo; organized crime and prostitution; labour unrest; architecture; café culture; and new movements in literature and the arts.


HIST 368-C01 History of Popular Religion 300-1400             

Allison Fizzard                 CRN 11676                      TR 1300-1415  

This course will examine, from an historical perspective, the religious beliefs and practices of medieval Europeans.  The emphasis will be on Christian beliefs, but those of other religions will be considered, too.  Topics include: heresy; the fate of the dead; skepticism; saints; signs and miracles; good and evil spirits; holidays.


HIST 390AU-C01 Antisemitism & the Holocaust                    

Michelle Wagner            CRN 11679                 MWF 1030-1120  

The religious and cultural roots of antisemitism and its manifestations in Western civilization: the rise of racist and political antisemitism in Europe; seminal issues in the history of the Holocaust; an analysis of the various political and cultural responses to the events of this period. 


HIST 400-C01 Theories of History                                              

Dawn Flood                     CRN 11680                       W 1130-1415  

This is a seminar course examining the variety of approaches to the study of history from 1900 to the present.  Movements studied include Marxism, the Annales School, Feminist Theory, and Post-Modernism.