Film Studies

FILM 100-C01 The Art of Motion Pictures
FILM 100-C11 (Film majors)
Philippe Mather       CRN 31482 (C01); 31483 (C11)        T 1900-2145

This course is an introduction to the art of motion pictures. The course will examine a representative selection of films covering the history of cinema, introducing students to basic concepts in film aesthetics. By examining narrative construction, theoretical concepts, and visual aesthetics, students will develop the skills necessary to identify and interpret various aspects of film, including form, meaning, and ideology.

FILM 256-C01 Underground Film    
Philippe Mather    CRN 31491    F 1430-1715  
This course will introduce the most important developments in the history of experimental cinema. A discussion of international avant-garde films will be included, with a focus on the evolution of the avant-garde's alternative techniques, themes, modes of production, and audiences.

FILM 286AD-C01 Aliens in Film    
Philippe Mather    CRN 31492    M 1430-1715    

This course will examine the Alien, or Extra-Terrestrial, as the science-fiction film genre's exploration of identity. As a collective expression of desire for, and fear of, the Other, the Alien allegorizes common attitudes towards cultural difference, that partly overlap with Orientalist discourse.