Catholic Studies

CATH 200-C01 Introduction to Catholic Studies                    

Sami Helewa               CRN 10311                          TR 1000-1115

The goal of Catholic Studies 200 is to introduce students to the range of methodologies and topics that the study of Catholicism includes. It will equip students with the tools they will need to understand Catholic history, culture, and religious disciplines. The main areas of study will be scripture, history of Christianity, religious thought, art and literature, and contemporary topics and issues. The methodologies will be biblical, historical, philosophical, and comparative.


CATH 290AB-C01 Ancient and Early Christian Art                  

David Meban               CRN 10312                         TR 1300-1415

This course begins with a review of Greek and Roman art, with a focus on key words and their principles and ideals.  It then examines early Christian artistic production, with an emphasis on how craftsmen adopted and transformed the practices of their Classical predecessors.


CATH 290AH-C01 Catholic Education                                       

Jeffrey Burwell                CRN 10313                 MWF 1330-1420 

This course explores the historical, social, political, and religious influences that affect Catholic education in Canada. It engages ideas and practices associated with Catholic schools as they subsist within a wider, multi-faith national context. In particular, it highlights a variety of concepts such as the basic nature of the human person; the primary goals of religious education; the connection between faith and reason; and the positive influence that Catholic schools can have on non-Catholic, non-religious societies. Topics are relevant to teachers and teacher candidates as well as those interested in the significant contributions that Catholics continue to make toward the education of youth.