ASTR 101-C01 Introduction to Astronomy                              

Martin Beech                   CRN 10111                  MWF 1130-1220

Plus one lab section (sections meet on alternating weeks):

ASTR 101-C94 Lab (10112)        R 1900-2145

ASTR 101-C95 Lab (10113)       W 1900-2145

ASTR 101-C96 Lab (10114)       M 1900-2145

ASTR 101-C97 Lab (10115)        R 1900-2145

ASTR 101-C98 Lab (10116)       W 1900-2145

ASTR 101-C99 Lab (10117)       M 1900-2145

This course will explore the history and heritage of modern astronomy. Our task is to understand how astronomers gain information about the solar system, the planets, individual stars, the galaxies and, indeed, the universe. We shall see how basic physical principles can be used to determine intrinsic stellar properties, and we shall discuss some of the present-day ideas relating to the formation and evolution of the stars.


ASTR 201-C01 Solar System Astronomy                                  

Martin Beech                   CRN 10118                 MWF 0930-1020  

Plus: ASTR 201-C99 Lab (10119)      T 1800-2045                             

This course is concerned with the description of the fundamental properties of our solar system. Topics include planetary interiors, surface structures and atmospheres: asteroids, comets and meteorites; the formations of planetary systems.