Federated Colleges have distinctive cultural and philosophical heritages that they contribute to the campus by blending their special interests and their student bodies with the programs of the larger university.

Campion College, Luther College, and First Nations University of Canada are the three federated partners with the University of Regina. Offering the best of both worlds, federated colleges are a smaller community within the larger university setting.

Campion, its faculty, and its students are an integral part of the University of Regina campus. Campion College students are University of Regina students, and are able to fully benefit from the offerings of both institutions.

  • Campion faculty are members of their respective university departments
  • Students have access to Campion College, Luther College, First Nations University of Canada, and University of Regina classes and support services
  • Those who attend the college pay the same tuition rates and fees as any other University of Regina student in their program of study

Campion students graduate with a University of Regina degree or certificate, with a designation from the college.