Dr. John Meehan, SJ

Professor of History

B.A. Hons. (McGill), Dip.Theol. (Oxford), M.A. (Johns Hopkins-SAIS), M.Div./S.T.B. (Regis), Th.M./S.T.L. (Regis), Ph.D. (Toronto)

Office: CM 306
Phone: (306) 359-1212
Fax: (306) 359-1200
E-mail: john.meehan@uregina.ca

Research Interests

History of Canadian foreign relations; Canadian relations with East Asia; Asia Pacific studies; Jesuit history; history of Christianity in Asia. 


Recent Publications


With Jacques Monet, S.J. and Joseph Gavin, S.J., eds., Conscience of a Nation: A History of Jesuits in English Canada, 1842-2016 [vol. 3, Jesuit History Series], Toronto: Novalis, 2017.

With Jacques Monet, S.J. and Joseph Gavin, S.J., eds., Builders of a Nation: Jesuits in English Canada, 1842-2013 [vol. 2, Jesuit History Series], Toronto: Novalis, 2015.

With Jacques Monet, S.J. and Joseph Gavin, S.J., eds., Teachers of Nation: Jesuits in English Canada, 1842-2013 [vol. 1, Jesuit History Series], Toronto: Novalis, 2015.

Chasing the Dragon: Shanghai and Canada's Early Relations with China, 1858-1952, Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2011.

Nikka kankei shi, 1929-1941: Sensou ni mukau nihon kanada no shiza kara [The History of Japanese-Canadian Relations, 1929-1941: Canadian Perspectives on Japan’s Drift toward War], trans. by Kenki Adachi, Kunihiro Haraguchi and Toshihiro Tanaka, Tokyo: Sairyusha Press, 2006.

The Dominion and the Rising Sun: Canada Encounters Japan, 1929-1941, Vancouver: UBC Press, 2004.  Winner of the Prime Minister’s Award, Canadian embassy, Tokyo, 2006.

With Jacques Monet, S.J. et al., Dictionary of Canadian Jesuit Biography, vol. II (1987-2004), Toronto: Canadian Institute of Jesuit Sources, 2006.



“A Global Vision: The International Apostolate” in Jacques Monet, S.J., Joseph Gavin, S.J. and John Meehan, S.J., eds., Conscience of a Nation: A History of Jesuits in English Canada, 1842-2016 [vol. 3, Jesuit History Series], Toronto: Novalis, 2017, 178-230.

“Historiography of Jesuits in Canada since 1842” in Robert A. Maryks, ed., Jesuit Historiography Online, Brill Online Reference Works, January 2017, http://referenceworks.brillonline.com/entries/jesuit-historiography-online/historiography-of-jesuits-in-canada-since-1842-COM_196201

“Humanism East and West: Matteo Ricci, Neo-Confucians and Friendship as Dialogue” in Francesco Guardiani, Gaoheng Zhang and Salvatore Bancheri, eds., Italy and China: Centuries of Dialogue, Florence, Italy: Franco Cesati Editore, 2017, 15-31.

With Jacques Monet, S.J., “The Restoration in Canada: An Enduring Patrimony” in Robert A. Maryks and Jonathan Wright, eds., Jesuit Survival and Restoration: A Global History, 1773-1900, Leiden: Brill, 2015, 386-98.

 “From Alliance to Conference: the British Empire, Japan and Pacific Multilateralism, 1911-1921” in Tosh Minohara, Tze-ki Hon and Evan Dawley., eds., The Decade of the Great War: Japan and the Wider World in the 1910s, Leiden: Brill, 2014, 45-63.

With David Webster, “Introduction: A Deeper Engagement – People, Institutions and Cultural Connections in Canada-China Relations” in Journal of American East Asian Relations 20 (Summer 2013): 1-8.
 “Missionary Martyrs” in Canada's History (Dec. 2012-Jan.2013): 48-51.

“Un ilot de refuge: la “Zone Jacquinot” et la guerre a Shanghai, 1937” in Shenwen Li, ed., Chine / Europe / Amérique: Rencontres et échanges de Marco Polo a nos jours, Quebec City: Presses de l’université  Laval, 2009.

“Herbert Marler: The Tokyo Legation and Canada's Pacific Debut, 1929-1936” in Greg Donaghy and Kim Nossal, eds., Architects and Innovators:  Building the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, 1909-2009, Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2009.

With David Webster, “From King to Kandahar: Canada, Multilateralism and Conflict in the Pacific, 1909-2009” in Canada Among Nations 2008, Ottawa: Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, 2009.

“Pacific Beginnings: Canada and Japan between the Wars, 1929-1941” in Greg Donaghy and Patricia Roy, eds., Contradictory Impulses: Canada and Japan in the 20th Century, Vancouver: UBC Press, 2008.

“The Savior of Shanghai: Robert Jacquinot, SJ and his safety zone at Shanghai, 1937”, Company magazine, March 2006: 17-21.

‘Steering Clear of Great Britain: Canada’s Debate over Collective Security in the Far Eastern Crisis of 1937’, International History Review, xxv, 2 (June 2003): 253-81.


Other Academic Activities

Assistant for Higher Education, Jesuits in English Canada (2015 - ).

Commentator in media such as Toronto Globe and Mail, America magazine, Prairie Messenger, Catholic Register, Salt & Light Television, CBC / Radio-Canada, TVO and BBC.

Historical expert, CBC Series “Love, War and Propaganda” (on Radio Canada, “Amour, Haine et Propaganda”) (Spring 2010) 

Borsista [Research fellow], Jesuit Historical Institute, Rome (Fall 2009) 

Editorial Team, Special Centenary Edition, Canada Among Nations 2008 

Guest Lecturer, Kobe University, Cultural Personalities Exchange Programme (February 2008) 

Member, Alpha Sigma Nu Honours Society (2008- ) 

Member, Senior Common Room, Trinity College, University of Toronto (2006-2009)

Academic Don (History/International Relations), Trinity College, University of Toronto (1997-2000) 



English, French, Russian, Japanese, some Spanish, Italian and Latin.  Learning Cree.