7.2.1 Responsibilities of the Dean

POLICY:  Responsibilities of the Dean
CODE:  7.2.1

Date Initially Approved:  March 9, 1994
Date Revised: December 13, 2000, May 14, 2008

Responsibilities of the Dean

The Dean of Campion College has authority for academic matters delegated by the Board of Regents through the President.  The Dean reports to the President.

The Dean shall:

  1. have teaching responsibility;

  2. oversee all general and particular academic matters concerning faculty and students of the college:

    a.   supervise the faculty members, especially in matters of tenure and promotion and in the annual review of their progress in their teaching, research, and college and university activities;

    b.   oversee the Registrar’s office and in consultation with the Registrar assign the duties of that office; assure the efficiency of the procedures and schedules of the office.  The Dean consults with the Executive Director of Administrative Services in matters which affect staffing, scheduling or budget in the office;

    c.   supervise the scheduling of all college courses in coöperation with the appropriate department heads;

    d.   chair all faculty meetings;

    e.   appoint an assistant Dean in consultation with the President and Executive Director of Administrative Services;

    f.   participate in the negotiations and administration of the College agreement with the University of Regina Faculty Association;

    g.   be available to work with students.

  3. The Dean shall also:

    a.   serve as a member on various councils and committees of the College and of the university as required,

    b.   maintain the terms, conditions and spirit of the federated agreement between Campion College and the University of Regina and sustain regular contact with the vice-president academic, appropriate deans, associate deans, directors, and department heads of the university and of the federated colleges;

  4. when appropriate assist the President in representing the College in the public forum;  

  5. assume any other responsibilities as assigned by the President.