7.2 Procedure for the Appointment of the Dean

POLICY:  Procedure for Appointment of the Dean
CODE:  7.2

Date Initially Approved: March 13, 1996
Date Revised: May 3, 2000; December 13, 2000; January 10, 2001; January 9, 2008; June 27, 2018


The search committee:  the committee will consist of the student representative to Forum, a lay member of the Board of Regents (not faculty or student representative), 2 faculty members, a staff member, a representative of the President, and a member of the corporation (a Jesuit).

  1. The process for the appointment of a new Dean should begin eighteen months before the expiration of the incumbent’s contract. The President will review and, if necessary, update the position description for the Dean. The President will advise the Board, faculty, staff and CCSU of his intention to constitute the Search Committee (“the committee”). The President will establish a budget for the search and outline guidelines for the operation of the committee.
  2. The President will constitute the committee. The committee will consist of the student representative to Forum, a lay member of the Board of Regents (not faculty, staff or student representative) chosen by the Board, two faculty members elected by the faculty, a staff member elected by the staff, a representative of the President appointed by the President, and a member of the Corporation of Owners chosen by the Corporation. Once the committee has been constituted, it will select one of its members to act as Chair. The Chair will arrange for a memo to be sent to the Board, faculty and staff of the College stating the composition of the committee and outlining the next steps in the search process.
  3. The committee will advertise the position. The advertisement will indicate that candidates should support and be willing to promote actively the mission statement of the College and its Jesuit identity. The compensation for the position will be set out.  The position will be advertised among tenured faculty of the College and will be open to qualified Jesuits (including those from outside the College). The committee has the discretion to extend the initial deadline for applications. After the final deadline for applications has passed, if the committee believes there are no qualified applicants it may proceed to advertise the position outside the College.
  4. Candidates will submit a curriculum vitae and names of three referees to the committee. At least one referee should be outside the College and one should be outside the University of Regina.
  5. The committee will review applications and will prepare a short list of candidates to pursue.
  6. Candidates on the short list will be interviewed by the committee. Candidates will also be interviewed by the President at this time. They will be expected to make a presentation to the College. The committee may seek additional referees beyond those provided by a candidate if it deems it necessary.
  7. The committee will consult the faculty and staff about the candidates on the short list after they have made their presentations.
  8. The committee will make a recommendation to the President. The report of the committee to the President will consist of the short list of candidates accompanied by summary assessment of each candidate by the committee. The committee does not have to recommend a single preferred candidate in its report.
  9. The President may determine a nominee for the position of Dean, but that nominee must be on the short list of candidates. That nominee will be recommended by the President to the Corporation of Owners for its approval and thereafter to the Board for their approval.  The Board of Regents will task the President with making an offer to the successful candidate for the position of Dean for a term of five years.
  10. The Board of Regents will appoint the Dean for a term of five years upon the candidate’s acceptance of the President’s offer of employment.  The incumbent Dean is eligible to be re-appointed to the position after the expiry of the term.
  11. The President announces the appointment of the new Dean