7.2 Procedure for the Appointment of the Dean

POLICY:  Procedure for Appointment of the Dean
CODE:  7.2

Date Initially Approved: March 13, 1996
Date Revised: May 3, 2000; December 13, 2000; January 10, 2001; January 9, 2008

The Dean Of Campion College

Procedure for Appointment of the Dean:

The search committee:  the committee will consist of the student representative to Forum, a lay member of the Board of Regents (not faculty or student representative), 2 faculty members, a staff member, a representative of the President, and a member of the corporation (a Jesuit).

  1. the President will review and if necessary, update the position description for the Dean and establish a budget for the search.
  2. the President will constitute the search committee after consultation with each of the areas involved, and will meet with the committee to discuss guidelines for the search and for interviewing.
  3. the search committee will advertise the position;  candidates should support and be willing to promote actively the mission statement of the College.
  4. candidates will submit a curriculum vitae, and names of three referees to the search committee (one referee should be outside the College and one should be outside the University).
  5. the search committee will review applications and will prepare a short list.
  6. the committee will interview candidates on the short list, and seek references (beyond those suggested if deemed necessary).  The President will also interview the candidates at that time.
  7. the search committee will consult the faculty and staff about the candidates on the short list.
  8. the committee will make a recommendation to the President. The report of the committee to the President will consist of the short list of candidates accompanied by assessment of each listed candidate by each member of the committee.  It will often be the case that internal discussions and appropriate voting procedures will lead to the recommendation of a single preferred candidate to the President.
  9. the nominee will be recommended to the Corporation of Owners for their approval.
  10. the appointment of the Dean will be made by the Board of Regents on the recommendation of the President for a term of five years.  The search committee's work will be made available to the members of the Board at the time an appointment is recommended.