7.1.1 Review of the President for Renewal

POLICY:  Review of the President for Renewal
CODE: 7.1.1

Date Initially Approved: March 8, 1985, January 26, 1995
Date Revised:  March 19, 2009

Procedures for Review of the President for Renewal

Annual reviews of the President may be undertaken at the discretion of the Chair.  In addition, when the Board has entered a long term contract with the President (e.g., 5 years), and is considering extending the contract, the Chair will establish a committee to conduct a comprehensive review of the President’s performance at least 18 months prior to the completion of the contractual term.

The review committee:  the committee will consist of the Chair of the Board, a lay member of the Board, a representative elected by the Faculty, a representative elected by the Staff, a representative of the Corporation of Owners.

a.   The committee will acquaint itself with the mandate of the President, make suggestions for the review and devise a review questionnaire.

b.   The committee will request the incumbent to prepare an outline of accomplishments during the term that is ending and a description of the directions to be pursued during a further term.  This should include areas of the mandate which have not been fulfilled and which need improvement, a statement of direction and vision, and suggestions on how the College could aid in these areas.

c.   The committee will consider information based on the document prepared by the incumbent and other available information (e.g., Qualities of the President (Policy 7.1.1, page 2), Mandate for the President of Campion College (Policy 3.3), any annual reviews; the committee will call for input from members of the University (e.g., Presidents of the University of Regina, Luther College, First Nations University of Canada, and St. Thomas More College, Saskatoon), the community (e.g., Executive Director, Universities, Ministry of Advanced Education) and archdiocese (e.g., the Archbishop), the Faculty and Staff through personal interviews by members of the committee, and the Jesuit Provincial.

d.   The incumbent will be assessed on such key leadership items as i) knowledge of and suitability for the Office of President, ii) dependability, iii) adaptability, iv) interpersonal relations, v) commitment to professional growth, vi) resource and personnel management, and vii) institutional loyalty, as well as any other criteria as identified by the committee.

e.   Following a review of the input received, the committee will prepare a draft recommendation for the Board to be discussed with the President.  This will include any recommendations for change of the mandate.

f.   The committee will make its recommendation to the Board.

g.   These matters are to be kept confidential within the review committee.
Qualities of the President

To be a person of professional competence, motivated by mature Jesuit values specifically in terms of personal spirituality, institutional vision, and communal direction.

A leader capable of being, and willing to be, loyal to both the College and the Society of Jesus, by creating effective community within the College, by giving firm and clear leadership while maintaining the principle of subsidiarity, by being able to read the signs of the times and to chart a course within that discernment which maintains the Jesuit tradition of education, social commitment, and spirituality.

To have the ability, therefore, to work as the C.E.O. of the Board of Regents within the mandate of the Corporation of the Catholic College of Regina:

  • to promote actively the values of the mission statement and the perspective of an Ignatian commitment to the world within the College, and to witness to those values to the larger community of the University, the Archdiocese, and the people of Saskatchewan;
  • to be knowledgeable and competent in managing the financial affairs of the College, practicing financial prudence and understanding the budgeting process;
  • to be able to work within the context of the University and Colleges at the University based on the concept of federation and within the terms of the mission statement of Campion College.