6.2.1 Student Participation in College Decision Making

POLICY:  Student Participation in College Decision Making
CODE:  6.2.1    

Date Initially Approved:  December 10, 2008
Date Revised:

1.01    Board of Regents

(a) A student from the Campion College Students’ Union (the President or the President’s designate) shall have a seat as an ex officio voting member on the Board of Regents (see Board By-Law 1.01 (b)).

(b) Students registered through the College may petition the Board directly or through the student representative.

2.01    College Forum

A student “elected by and from full-time students registered through the College” shall be a voting member of the College Faculty Forum (see By-Laws 2.02 (f)).

3.01    Campus Ministry

The Peer Support Students, as members of the Campus Ministry team, shall collaborate in developing and acting on Campus Ministry programs and projects.