5.1 Committee Structure

POLICY:  Committee Structure
CODE:  5.1

Date Initially Approved: April 1987
Date Revised:

General Guidelines

There are two kinds of committees attached to the Campion College Board of Regents:

1.   Standing Committees which serve on an ongoing basis.
2.   Ad Hoc Committees which are established to address a specific mandate.

The Responsibility of the Board to Committees is to:

1.   Name a Chair
2.   Establish Terms of Reference

Ad Hoc Committees

The Board will, in addition to the above:

1.   Decide on the recommendations of the committee
2.   Establish specific timelines, and
3.   Appoint a Chair

Requirements of a Chair

Chairs of a Committee will:

1.   Be members of the Board of Regents, or
2.   In instances where the Chair is not a member of the Board, the Chair shall serve on an ex-officio basis for the duration.